Monday, 10 October 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Yeah, yeah - another month goes by without me blogging. It was a pretty good month though.

Hive of the Dead launched and, despite a few hiccups it's been flying off the virtual shelf. I did my first signing in Warhammer World and I'm pleased to report that I ran out of dice which means I signed at least 21 copies. I'll be there again this Saturday, with a fresh supply of dice, as the warm-up act for Sarah Cawkwell who will be scribbling on copies of The Gildar Rift. I hear it's pretty good ;-)

Malediction was recorded along with a couple of other audio dramas and I handed in the first draft of Bloodspire - oooh, wonder what that's about... Super Sekrit Project has stalled but Project Dicky Bird and Mister Toad has been put on the front burner, which reminds me - must stop wasting time blogging and finish the synopsis.

But before I go, it would be remiss of me not to mention Innistrad. I went to the pre-release and have played a casual sealed luck tournament but I'm already in love with the set! I'm brewing a zombie deck at the moment (surprise, surprise) but not the flavour you might think. Put it this way, Trepanation Blade may be my favourite M:TG card ever printed. It's already wrecked opponents in sealed and I think with the right build, this could be a viable card in Standard. Guess I'll find out when the Innistrad Games Day rolls around.